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AITF-MCL is committed to maintain impartiality while providing management system certification services. AITF-MCL understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its management system certification activities, in order to insure ensures the objectivity of its management system certification activities AITF- MCL is committed and protect the interests of the other parties while providing our services in an independent and impartial manner with strictly adhering to the code of ethics

AITF personnel are free from any commercial, financial or other pressures which might affect their judgement. Their remuneration are not directly depend on the number of inspections/audits carried out and on the relevant results; AITF personnel responsible of the execution of any activity relevant to certification must behave in compliance with the AITF Codes of Ethics and Behaviour. This, among others, foresees that the personnel is not allowed to be involved in the design, consultancy, manufacture, supply, installation, purchase, ownership, use or maintenance of the items inspected, nor shall it acts as the authorised representative of any of the parties involved in the above mentioned activities. In event of hiring a technical expert in the audit team, it is ensured that he/she does not have any relations with the customer (organisation in process of certification) for the past 3 years as a minimum. An undertaking is also signed by our staff working in the office with regard to the confidentiality of information and practising code of ethical conduct. In general this particular aspect is ensured for all those who work for or on behalf of AITF.


AITF has not outsource and fully responsible for its decisions relating to granting, maintaining, extending, reducing, suspending and withdrawing of certification.

AITF-MCL activities are not be marketed or offered in any linked with the activities of an organization that provides management system consultancy. The certification body committed to take actions to correct inappropriate claims by any consultancy organisation stating or implying that certification would be simpler, easier, faster or less expensive if taken by AITF-MCL. ALSO AITF-MCL has not recognised to any consultancy organisation or consultant that certification would be simpler, easier, faster or less expensive if a specified consultancy organization were used.

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